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Eloquesta Cellar Door - June 2019

Eloquesta Wines Cellar Door

Update August 2020: Our Cellar Door is Currently Closed How to Find Us Our cellar door is currently closed while we find a new venue. It’s only temporary, we will back raring and roaring shortly! Check back soon for more details. Cellar Door Opening Hours Our cellar door is currently closed. Eloquesta Cellar Door Gallery

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Eloquesta Wines - Chardonnay Grapevine

Skin Contact Unfiltered Mudgee Chardonnay White Wine

Why would you make an unfiltered white wine? So many people ask me with broad intrigue about my skin contact fermented, single vineyard unfiltered Mudgee Chardonnay. Dark, golden, cloudy, hazy… misty. Whatever you want to call it, it is visually challenging for some people. After 60 plus years of drinking white wines clarified and ‘star bright’, […]

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Eloquesta Shiraz Petit Verdot

Shiraz and Petit Verdot: Eloquesta Red Blend Explained by the Winemaker, Stuart Olsen

Why blend Shiraz and Petit Verdot? When you first decide you want to make red wine, you can do the safe and usual thing and copy what other wine makers do. Perhaps you could make what is popular, what everyone is drinking right now. But I tend to think, if you are going to make […]

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Eloquesta Blush Rosé Wine

Rosés that Smell Like Roses – Eloquesta Rosé Wine Review

Moscato Magic I have a confession to make. . . I like moscatos. The good ones. Not the tacky, cheap and nasty OTT sweet things you buy for a tenner, or moscatos that are done in a populist, heavily processed style, finished in a way that could only be called, the Creaming Soda Pop Fizz […]

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Eloquesta Wines - Stuart Olsen

About Stuart Olsen, Winemaker

Hi. I’m Stuart Olsen, wine maker and owner of Eloquesta Wines, Mudgee and Orange, NSW I was drawn to wine making and had a passion for it from my university days. I believe in the diversity and potential of  regional New South Wales, where I was born and have spent much of my life. The […]

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