2018 Eloquesta Shiraz Petit Verdot ‘Special 10th Anniversary Edition’ Case


Vintage and Harvest: Growing conditions were fantastic, and the risk was marginal for most of the season, with only nuisance rain coming irregularly and after harvest, which I cheered on! Harvest went with mid-range crop levels and cool evenings, ensuring zesty acid for structure. In the end, sugar levels and acid levels were above average and on song. Tannins from the stems to seeds were ripe and realistic.

Winemaking: I tried to cold soak as long as possible, with at least 3 days of soaking before ferment. No destemming, foot treading gently so as not to crush every berry was easy and frankly ‘lazy’, and so the ferment was long and slow. The ferment was cool with only 2 days where the temperature spiked to 29 degrees, and hand plunging was vigorous for extraction of ripe skin, seed, and stem tannins right to semi-dry where pressing was then hard and long right to the barrel to complete fermentation, bubbling well and truly over winter till late Spring. For the last few years, I have been employing ELBA – Extra Long Barrel Aging on light lees for at least 3 years, for this harvest, I applied 4 years. The depth of complexity and concentration and rich smooth roundness on ‘big’ Baume fruit fermented on stems with wonderful results!

Tasting Notes: The bouquet of this wine has the classic chorus of blueberry, overripe plums, violets, spice, gingerbread and mixed sweet flowers. The palate is soft, plump, creamy and rounded with dominant plums, almost blueberry confection and a note i always notice with every blend i have made – subtle sarsaparilla/cola on the finish with ‘loyal’ but gentle acid, refreshing but balanced that glides on the palate gently til the end like a Sentinel guard on watch …
Wine will last 12 years at least. Drink after 1 year for best results.
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It is really hard to believe that this is the 10th edition of this truly special blend of vine-ripened Shiraz and Petit Verdot. The original blend was almost discovered by accident when sloshing an informal sample of both in a glass, standing out in a stunning display of symbiotic partnership. It was simple – they just complimented each other.

The Shiraz for its mid-palate core richness and mouth-filling dark berry depth, and the Petit Verdot for its acid structure, dark color, and ‘plummy-violet’ aromatic profile.

Petit Verdot is definitely the dominant character pound for pound – such an overlooked, wonderful variety capable of blending with the harmony of a ‘merlot-on-roids’ and having this distinct character of unyielding time-resistant acid and tannin, saturated color, and merlot ‘plummy-ness’ that had me at first sight.

It was the one barrel of ‘leftovers’ after pressing the first Shiraz and Petit Verdot in 2008. It just stood out, and every time I wanted a drink of something when I walked into the winery, I couldn’t wait to try it again.

They were going to be separate bottlings, but then I played around with them and decided ‘NO!’ I know blends are a harder sell, but this wine is superb, and it’s unique, and it will age, ticking a box for me, leaving a legacy of satisfaction and ‘hopefully’ admiration for a blend that makes a generation adoring of a wine that stands out on its own.

Some people will say that it rings of ego. It really wasn’t for me. All I ever wanted to do, knowing my job as a winemaker was to make drinkers and lovers of wine happy and desirous to drink it – no blubbering adoration, esteem, or fame.

That’s why I avoid sending wine to reviewers now – it’s irrelevant and unnecessary and actually mars the experience for me – and such an undesirable manufactured prostitution.

Just happiness – to drink, smile, and enjoy getting jolly with friends, family, and loved ones as a portrait of what I enjoy about making wine the most. Seeing people happy.

It’s what this 10th Anniversary Special Edition of my Shiraz Petit Verdot means to me – your enjoyment.

Thank you to my loving family for the support and sacrifice I keep hidden but am acutely reminded of every day.

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