Mudgee Red and White Wine Mixed Case

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Eloquesta 2015 Shiraz Petit Verdot Red Wine
Eloquesta 2017 'Blush' Rose
Eloquesta Mudgee Single Vineyard 2016 Chardonnay
A Boy With Fruit Chardonnay 2015
A Boy With Fruit Aromatic White Grape Blend 2016
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Mudgee Red and White Wine Mixed Case Tasting Notes

Shiraz Petit Verdot 2015 Tasting Notes

Our Shiraz Petit Verdot wine has perfume, deep colour and softness. The colour is a deep garnet purple and the nose is filled with spice and sweet floral notes of violets, shortbread, plum confiture and cola.

The palate has a spicy green stem character that’s like olive oil which only teams with the newer French oak to provide support for the elegant juicy berry floral flavours of black fruits and sweet blue and red flower essence. The finish has a distinct aniseed, nougat and biscuit allure which lingers for a minute or more.

This wine has shown an ability to improve after decanting and open up for days.

2017 ‘Blush’ Rose Tasting Notes

The colour is a beautiful dark pink and ruby but translucent. the nose is as potent as can be expected with notes of turkish delight, strawberry cream candy, rose water, potpourri and pink and white blossom. The palate is subtle and delicate and actually displays great notes of dried strawberry, apricot, white flower nectar and over-ripe watermelon.

The Eloquesta 2017 ‘Blush’ Rose – Black Muscat and Viognier is full of flavour and a fruit flower basket of mixed delicate flavours, but still manages to be soft and subtle. This wine should be served slightly chilled and had in summer with subtle foods or cheese plates.

2016 Chardonnay Tasting Notes

The fruit from this Chardonnay is from the top of the vineyard where it is more elevated and well drained and soils are lighter – volcanic red clay and basalt and quartz. The vines are more desiccated and struggling and the fruit develops a very unique floral perfume that seems to be geographical on this location where even the grasses, herbs and flowers smell sweet this way.

The wine displays very subtle notes of white blossom, vanilla, sandalwood spice, marshmallow, white plum, cream bun, pear drop and earl grey while being firm and citrus-like in acid on the palate. It’s a fantastic subtle chardonnay that allows food to express itself wonderfully.

2016 White Grape Blend Tasting Notes

This is a smooth white blend of cofermented Semillon (80%) and Viognier (20%) with 7 days of skin contacted with stems. Ageing was half in tank on Sur lees and half old oak with regular lees-stirring allowing for full malolactic to give the creamy-fruity finish that is rounded and soft but is rich on the palate.

The nose is immediately arresting with fresh zesty herbaceous flavours of pine cone, lemon leaf, mineral seaspray, passionfruit, sweet basil and apricot. The palate is smooth, oily and creamy but rich with vibrant fruity passionfruit, lemon drop confection and white plum with vibrant refreshing acid and medium weight.

2015 Chardonnay Tasting Notes

This chardonnay was made in a light gentle style to be delicate and food friendly expressing notes of apple, pear drop, and white blossom. The palate is subtle and light but with firm tannins and delicate notes of white fruits, green apple skin, pear drop candy, Chinese yellow plum, earl grey and subtle melon.

The acid on the palate gives a firmness to the palate but makes this chardonnay is to be enjoyed with food. Its subtle flavours are perfect to be enjoyed with foods as it won’t overpower foods but partner them.


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